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摘要:Read these sentences and the following new reports.Which country does each sentence describe?
  Questions 1-7
  Read these sentences and the following new reports.
  Which country does each sentence describe?
  For each sentence mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.
  the head of state went to China to treat his disease.
  Answer: B
  1. the government didn't want to cancel a meeting in its capital.
  2. This country did something that went against the international aGREements.
  3. the king declared that he was unable to stop the civil war.
  4. A fierce quarrel broke out between this country and its neighbour.
  5. A national budget is going to be approved by the parliament some time in July.
  6. An opposition .party plans to turn down its enemy who now controlls the government.
  7. A nuclear reactor aroused the suspicion of the United Nations which sent inspectors there to investigate.
  A . North Korea announced that it had begun to change the fuel at a nuclear reactor at Youngbyon without the presence of international inspectors, a move that is contrary to international aGREements.
  B. the Khmers Rouges claimed to have captured the town of Mongkol Borei, in north-western Cambodia. As King Sihanouk prepared to leave for China to resume cancer treatment ,he said he had lost hope of resolving the Cambodian conflict.
  C. Japan's main opposition party, the Liberal Democrats, said it would try to bring down the minority government of Tsutiomu Hata once the budget is passed by parliament in mid-July.
  D. the Philippines refused a demand by Indonesia to ban a conference in Manila on East Timor, provoking the worst dispute between the countries for several years.
  Questions 8-12
  Read this memorandum.
  Choose the lest sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.
  For each blank (8-12) mark one letter (A-I) on your Answer Sheet.
  De not mark any letter twice.
  One answer has teen given as an example.
  To: Filma Williams ,school of Architecture
  From : Ram S. Johnson ,Physical Plant Operations
  Subject : Air-conditioning Installation Costs for East Hall.
  Date : 4.4.94
  As you requested in your memo of March 15, we have studied the costs of installing air conditioning for the seven offices and two studio classrooms in Eest Hall ...example...
  Office and Classroom installation
  Estimates were obtained from three contractors on the costs of covering the offices and classrooms ...8...The work would take about three weeks.
  Because the central unit would be installed on the roof, some noise problems might occur during a four-or five-day period...9... Sheet metal work to build out lest in the classes could be done on weekends , and the overtime labour costs of about $1,500 have been included in the estimates.
  Arrangements were not made to do the office space installation on weekends `.. ... 10... ..
  Additional Installation
  Because a larger installation, including a more powerful central unit, would be necessary to handle the halls and stairways ,an additional $6 , 000 would be required for the equipment. .....11 ... If this additional work were delayed until a later time, a new central unit would be required along with changes in the pipe way ...12...
  the total job for the building would be about $ 35, 000 if done at one time. A two-stage installation would cost about $55 ,000. I can get official bids at your request.
  Example: A
  A As you suggested, we also sought information on the additional cost of air
  conditioning in the entrance halls and stairways.
  B All these three were in the $ 20,000 to $25,000 range.
  C This later installation would cost about $20,000.
  D However, class interruption should be minimal.
  E In the same way, each of these three would take at least one month.
  F therefore ,the total cost was this $6 ,000 plus another $5,000.
  G Labour costs would be an additional S 5 ,000,bringing the total cost of the addition to $11 ,000.
  H Each faculty member could expect to have workers in the office for about one day.
  I So faculty members can continue their office work as usual.
  Questions 13-20.
  Read this letter alert explanation of business problems , and answer the questions that follow.
  Williams and Co.
  54 Jermyn Street
  London SW 1Y 6LX
  July, 1993
  Manager of Export Sales
  Hilton Motorcycles Ltd.
  Fenley Works
  Dear Sir or Madam :
  We received your letter dated 2nd July, expressing your dissatisfaction with the present level of your sales in Nigeria. We shall try to explain as briefly as possible how it is that your competitors are doing so well so that you may see why it is that we are not. We shall also suggest ways of improving the present situation. Our difficulties may be summarized as follows :
  1. Your competitors pay for extensive advertising in newspapers and magazines that reach every corner of Nigeria. We receive no financial help for advertising and do not receive sufficient commission to pay for it ourselves.
  2. the company referred to in your letter sent a two-man team on a tour of six provinces in a specially equipped lorry containing the models they wished to publicize. Their agent had arranged displays in the towns they were due to visit and had announced them in the local press. With such backing from the manufacturer ,high sales are inevitable !
  3. What sells well in Europe does not necessarily sell well elsewhere. Your competitors know this and plan accordingly. they give maximum publicity to three or four models that are sure to sell well here. We would suggest that you do the same and concentrate on the 98cc Speedy, the 250cc Hunter and the 350cc Hawk.
  4. In spite of the excellent containership service between Engl
and and West Africa we are still having to wait for too long for orders to be shipped. Once they have placed an order, customers are impatient to receive it. Our present commission of 10/00 does not allow us to undertake sales tours in other regions. Nigeria covers an area of over 350 , 000 square miles and our present commission will not stand the expense of such trips.
  If you are prepared to increase our commissions ,contribute to our travel expenses on the longer journeys and back us with advertising. We are convinced that we can do as well as your competitors. We look forward to your comments.
  Yours faithfully ,
  Williams and Co.
  Questions 13-16
  For questions 13 -16 ,choose the correct title for each paragraph from the box below.
  For each paragraph (1-4) mark one letter (AG) on your Answer Sheet.
  Do not mark any letter twice.
  13. Paragraph 1...
  14. Paragraph 2...
  15. Paragraph 3...
  16. Paragraph 4...
  A Deliveries and commission
  B A two-man team
  C Proper models.
  D More advertisements
  E Your competitors' successful methods
  F Expenses for trips
  G Sales promotions
  Questions 17-20
  17. We are going to give a brief explanation...
  18. Your competitors' advertisements often appear in popular publications
  19. Hear is our suggestion that you follow their example and...
  20. If you give us more financial assistance, we believe...
  A. Why your competitors are doing better than us.
  B. that they wished to publicize.
  C. that we can catch up with your competitors.
  D. that you concentrate on three models.
  E. that are sure to sell well.
  F. which they would certainly visit.
  G. that reach every corner of Nigeria.
  Questions 21-35
  Read this text about a British business.
  Choose the best word to fill each gap.
  For each question (21-35) mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.
  One answer has been given as an example.
  Jack Cohen and his wife Tessa began their small grocery business on London's High Street in the early 1950s. Since that...example...the company , TESCO , has grown to become .the UK's leading food retailer with annual sales of 6.4pounds billion and has ...21...a new reputation for quality and service. Its 384 stores in England, Scotland and Wales...22...more than nine million customers per week.
  In the 34 year old Colin Smith we can see TESCO's ...23...on value plus quality and service. Upon...24...TESCO's management team in 1987 as trading director for fresh meats ,he immediately focused ...25...improving supply and distribution systems. He set up a supplier certification program with strict specifications for processing facilities and livestock quality, plus...26...quality checks at each TESCO distribution center and store.
  One of Smith's priorities has been an...27...lamb program. TESCO could not obtain enough fresh lamb to...28...deman4 and was fill in with frozen product. Smith turned to Cryovac specialists who...30...with TESCO and its meat suppliers to ...31...the Problem.
  the ...32...was a new packaging system from Cryovac featuring a harder Cryovac Barrier Bag which dramatically...33...package damages. Vacuum packaged fresh lamb now arrives at TESCO stores in the best condition year-round and sales more than than 60 million pounds ...35...
  A. period B. time C. year . D. day
  Answer: B
  21. A. had B. done C. made D. established
  22. A. sell B. serve C. meet D. hold
  23. A. emphasis B. idea C. name D. import3nce
  24. A. becoming B. being C. entering D. joining
  25. A. on B. in C. at D. with
  26. A. nearby B. far C. further D. farther
  27. A. old B. improved C. impossible D able
  28. A. ask B. answer C. satisfy D. question
  29. A. tried B. forced C. led D. set
  30. A. cooperate B. link C. study D. sit
  31. A. attack B. answer C. ask D. demand
  32. A. next B. first C. result D. beginning
  33. A. prevented B. stopped C. reduced D. increased
  34. A. enriched B. reached C. arrived D. grown
  35. A. daily B. annually C. usually D. particularly
  Section A
  Questions 36-40
  Read this letter to the editor of a magazine.
  In most of the lines (36-40) there is one extra word which does not fit in. One or two lines, however, are correct.
  If the line is correct ,put a tick (√) in the space on your .4nswer Sheet.
  If there is an extra word in the line ,write that word in the space on your Answer Sheet.
  Example :
  New Mexico's mineral industries make up for about one third of...for
  the state's 1.9 billion general-fund income in fiscal year 1991...√ . .
  Sir-you say that New Mexico has "few natural resources".
  36. However ,the mineral industry in New Mexico is one of the
  37. state's most strongest economic forces. In 1991 New Mexico
  38. ranked fourth one in the United States in production of natural gas.
  39. Ten combined value of those oil and gas production was S 2. 8 billion dollars.
  40. New Mexico came through the recent recession in much better shape than most other states.
  Section B
  Questions 41 45
  the following is an English translation of the description of a Japanese product.
  In each line there is one wrong word.
  For each numbered line (41-45) write the correct word in the space on your Answer Sheet.
  Example :
  In despite of the price we'll import this product.... . .spite...
  the Sharp FO-9000 works in three steps. First ,you tell the machine
  41. the size of the photo to be sent out ,and the FO-9000 scans it onto their
  42. hard disk. then, the fax sends the data though the phone lines
  43. to the fax in ot
her office, Finally ,the second fax recreates the image.
  44. the machine measures 16 inches height by 18 wide by 17 deep
  45. and weights88 pounds. the price is high: $ 63,990 a pair,since what use is only one?
  Question 46
  the staff in your office decided to spend holidays together this year. While reading the new you are attracted by the advertisement of the Grand Palazzo Hotel in Italy. No one in your office has ever been to Italy. So you want your secratary to contact the hotel through telephone.
  Write a short message to Ms. Emily Malan ,your secretary.
  Suggest the Visit to Italy.
  Give the hotel telephone number to her.
  Ask her to contact with that hotel.
  write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.
  Question 47
  You work for Global institute inc. , which produces softwares. You are responsible for Quality Management System.
  Study the following graph which shows the effort taken by your company and IBI Inc , your main competitor. In the graph ,the Quality Management is divided into five parts.
  Use the information in the graph to write a short report (about 100 120 wards) suggesting ways of improving the quality management of your company.
  Write on your Answer Sheet.


一. 阅读部分
  1. D 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. C 7. A
  8. B 9. D 10. H 11. G 12. C
  13. D 14. G 15. C 16. A 17. A 18. G 19. D 20. C
  21. D 22. B 23.A 24. D 25. A 26.C 27.B 28. C 29.B
  30. A 31. A 32.C 33. C 34. D 35.B
  Section A
  36. most是多余,应删掉.
  37. one是多余,应删掉.
  38. those是多余,应删掉.
  39. dollars 是多余,应删掉.
  40. 没有多余的词.
  Section B
  41. their应改为its
  42. though应改为through
  43. other应改为another
  44. height应改为high
  45. weights 应改为weighs
  Question 46
  (Sample for reference)
  To : Emily
  As on one in the office has been to Italy, it will be a good idea to visit it. We may stay in the Grand Palazzo Hotel and the telephone is 809. 775. 3333. Please contact them to get further information.
  Question 47
  (Sample for reference)
  How to improve Quality Management System with limited capitals? That is the key to
  success. After careful study of IBI Inc 'our main competitor ,we find that they spend some money in Customer Service and Vender inspections which are vital to Quality Management. As we know, softwares are developed quickly. Customers and venders know clearly what they need. Therefore, we should develop programmes based on information through Customer Service and Vender inspections. Another fact with our attention is that although IBI Inc.'s Plant productivity is not high, they can sell out their new, high-quality softwares quickly as they have a very good Quality Control System. Therefore, we should adjust the capitals.

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